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I help entrepreneurs and companies tell what they do

in one simple sentence.


Hi, I'm Moshe; nice to meet you!


In short? I know how to take such a long and complex business description:

"We are engaged in providing software and control solutions for industrial machines; the company's engineers have valued professional experience in the field of propulsion control and are skilled in providing software solutions characterized by technological innovation. In running the machine at the customer and providing ongoing support afterward."

And turn it into a clear business description in one simple sentence:

We design and deliver motion-control solutions for machines and smart systems while saving resources and energy.

So what is your situation?


If you too get into trouble explaining your work, and it ends with a generic definition that doesn't reflect what you're doing, you can easily change that and create a simple sentence describing what your business does.

When we have a simple sentence that tells our doing:


We can quickly tell what we are doing and close more deals

Our clients can recommend us to their colleagues in a simple way

Our employees tell a uniform story wherever they are

Our friends and family can finally explain what we do

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