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Hi, I'm Moshe Karasik, and I am happy to meet you.


I have created hundreds of advertisements throughout my fifteen years working in the largest advertising agencies in Israel.

VP Digital at At Reuveni Pridan IPG, VP Creative at McCann Digital, and Digital Creative Director at Shlamor-Avnon-Amichai Y&R.


My work was mainly characterized by turning the insights and benefits of each product or service into a marketing message to advertise the brand and increase sales.


About five years ago, I decided to change direction out of a desire to live a more balanced life. Be more with my family and make room for running as my main hobby; I stopped being an employee and started my own business.


I chose to take my marketing skills, the pleasure I get when I see how an idea becomes a strong marketing message, and work with businesses whose values ​​align with my worldview.


My main insight is that entrepreneurs and businesses who come to make our world better have a hard time taking their full range of ideas and creating a clear message that will connect them to the strongest customer base.


Long before creating an advertisement, it is essential to know how to tell in simple words the doing of the business; it is an important foundation for a company that wants to succeed and be identified with its area of ​​expertise.


I built a work process that accompanies the managers, from the initial stage where the business sounds like everyone else to the stage where they say in an inspiring way, the unique doing of the business on all levels: customers, employees, investors, and even friends and family.


So this is what I do today, helping entrepreneurs and companies tell what they do and what sets them apart in a simple sentence; I see their confidence and sales process becoming more relaxed and natural.


I'm always curious to see who else I'll get to work with, And take part in his journey.

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